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This is the agenda with presentation slots times. Time slots will be randomly assigned. Requested time slots will be handed on a first come, first served basis. Check back here for updates.

 Slot  Time  Title  Speaker  Company
   7:00 AM  Breakfast    
 M0  8:00 AM  Opening Remarks / VITA Update  Jerry Gipper  VITA
 M1  8:20 AM  Optical Interconnect Design Challenges in Space  Guillaume Blanchette  Reflex Photonics Inc.
 M2  8:40 AM  Re-imagining Product Lifecycles: The Future of Obsolescence  Ethan Plotkin  GDCA
 M3  9:00 AM  Preparing for the Next Wave of High Speed Fabrics in Embedded Computing  Burrell Best  Samtec, Inc.
 M4  9:20 AM  AI in Military & Industrial Applications  Emil Kheyfets  Aitech Defense Systems, Inc.
 M5  9:40 AM  The Convergence of Cyber Security and Anti-Tamper  David Sheets  Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
   10:00 AM  Break    
 M6  10:30 AM  Inside-the-box Optical Links: High-speed Interconnect Solutions  Laurence Pujol  Radiall
 M7  10:50 AM  Back to the Future  Nigel Forrester  Concurrent Technologies Plc
 M8  11:10 AM  Securing the Supply Chain: The New Imperative  Chris Cummins  Abaco Systems
 M9  11:30 AM  A Modern Yet Traditional Approach to Embedded Systems  Ken Grob  Elma Electronic Inc.
 M10  11:50 AM  Making AI Fly  Devon Yablonski  Mercury Systems, Inc.
 M11  12:10 AM  VPX and Defense Open Systems Architectures  Mark Littlefield  Kontron
   12:30 PM  Lunch    
 M12  1:30 PM  Achieving Safety-Critical Determinism with Multicore Processors  Richard Jaenicke  Green Hills Software
 M13  1:50 PM  Securing Tactical Systems TODAY  Rob Persons  Artesyn Embedded Technologies
 M14  2:10 PM  PICMG: What's Past is Prologue  Jessica Isquith  PICMG
 M15  2:30 PM  The Emergence of Optics in Levels of Electronic Packaging  Michael Walmsley and Mark Benton  TE Connectivity
   3:00 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
   5:30 PM  Industry Mixer    
   7:00 PM  Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    
   7:00 AM  Breakfast    
 T1  8:00 AM  New Solutions for Rugged Optical Communication  Patrick Mechin  TechwaY
 T2  8:20 AM  High-Speed Serial Backplane Architectures: VPX, CPCI-Serial, xTCA - A Comparison  Hendrik Thiel  HEITEC/Wakefield-Vette
 T3  8:40 AM  Switch to 25/100Gbs  Franck Lefèvre  Interface Concept
 T4  9:00 AM  Intelligent Interconnects with Integrated Electronics  Ritch Selfridge  Amphenol
 T5  9:20 AM  Tackling Tomorrow's Enclosure Thermal and Ruggedization Challenges Today  Justin Moll  Pixus Technologies Inc.
 T6  9:40 AM  A Modern Yet Traditional Approach to Embedded Systems  Dave Caserza  Elma Electronic Inc.
   10:00 AM  Break    
 T7  10:30 AM  VPX Power - VITA 62: Past, Present, and Future  Jerry Hovdestad  Behlman Electronics
 T8  10:50 AM  Open Technologies, Open Markets: The Value of Standards Participation  Dylan Lang  Samtec, Inc.
 T9  11:10 AM  Jump Starting RFSoC Technology for Radar and Mil-Aero Applications  Rodger Hosking  Pentek, Inc.
 T10  11:30 AM  Best Practices for Protecting the Supply Chain  Steve Edwards  Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions
 T11  11:50 AM  Aviation Safety and Security – Can they Coexist?  Scott Engle  Mercury Systems, Inc.
 T12 12:10 PM  OpenVPX Advancements  Greg Rocco  MIT Lincoln Laboratory
 T13  12:15 PM  Successful Application of Open Architecture Development  Mike Hackert  NAVAIR
     Closing Remarks  Jerry Gipper  VITA
   12:30 PM  Lunch    
   1:30 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
   6:00 PM  Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    


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