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Embedded Tech Trends will be held in the Grand Ballroom, Salons I-III, on the second floor of the hotel.

 Slot  Time  Title  Speaker  Company
   7:00 AM  Breakfast, Continental style in meeting area    
 M0  8:00 AM  Opening Remarks / VITA Update  Jerry Gipper  VITA
 M1  8:20 AM  Blind Mate Optical Transceivers for the VPX Backplane  Arlen Martin  Reflex Photonics Inc.
 M2  8:40 AM  Transformation & Transition: How Complexity is Driving Change in the Business of Supplying the DoD  Shan Morgan  Elma Electronic Inc.
 M3  9:00 AM  Let’s Get Edgy: Challenges in AI processing for Defense and Aerospace Applications  Devon Yablonski  Mercury Systems
 M4  9:20 AM  How Secure are Our Satellites?  Rich Jaenicke  Green Hills Software
 M5  9:40 AM  Inventing Actionable Intelligence  Nigel Forrester
 Concurrent Technologies Plc
   10:00 AM  Break    
 M6  10:30 AM  SOSATM VPX Power / VPX & VITA 62  Jerry Hovdestad  Behlman Electronics
 M7  10:50 AM  SOSATM Consortium Update: Progress and Outlook  Rodger Hosking
 Pentek, Inc.
 M8  11:10 AM  Small is Beautiful: Emerging Design Trends/Requirements for Rugged Small Form Factor  Ivan Straznicky  Curtiss-Wright
 M9  11:30 AM  Optical Communication - Don't Miss the 25 GBPS  Patrick Mechin  TECHWAY
 M10  11:50 AM  Additive Manufacturing  Adam Butler
 M11  12:10 PM  Supply Chain Security – A Real Life Scenario  Rob Persons  SMART Embedded Computing
   12:30 PM  Lunch in Hotel Restaurant    
 M12  1:30 PM  High-Performance COTS Optical Interconnects for Military / Aerospace Applications  Kevin Burt  Samtec, Inc.
 M13  1:50 PM  The (COTS)2 Movement and What Approaches Will Successfully Address It  Noah Donaldson  Annapolis Micro Systems
 M14  2:10 PM  AI in Defense, Industrial and Space Applications  Emil Kheyfets  Aitech Defense Systems
 M15  2:30 PM  Acceleration options for AI and HPEC  Dr. Mohamed Bergach  Kontron
   3:00 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
   5:30 PM  Industry Mixer    
   7:00 PM  Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    
   7:00 AM  Breakfast, Continental style in meeting area    
 T1  8:00 AM  Evolving Interconnect Standards – Keeping Pace with the Embedded Computing Industry  Mike Walmsley
 TE Connectivity
 T2  8:20 AM  Severe Environment Testing  Stephen Brutscher  Samtec, Inc.
 T3  8:40 AM  Chassis Management Inspired by MOSA - SOSA - HOST - VITA  Ken Grob  Elma Electronic Inc.
 T4  9:00 AM  The End of Moore’s Law? High Performance ICs Through Modular Chip Design  Tom Smelker  Mercury Systems
 T5  9:20 AM  Product Pruning to Increase Revenue AND Profitability  Ethan Plotkin  GDCA
 T6  9:40 AM  Module Standards in Comparison - Technical Possibilities and Limitations of Plug-on Boards  Hendrik Thiel
   10:00 AM  Break    
 T7  10:30 AM  SOSATM and its Potential to Drive Change in the Embedded Systems Market  Mark Littlefield  Kontron
 T8  10:50 AM  Connecting with VITA 66.5  Xavier Marchand  Interface Concept
 T9  11:10 AM  Standard Interfaces and the Benefits of Heterogeneous System Architectures  Jacob Sealander  Curtiss-Wright
 T10  11:30 AM  OK, try it now…  Tram Chase  SimVentions
 T11  11:50 AM  The Personal Part of Developing Technical Standards  Paul Mesibov
 Pentek, Inc.
 T12 12:10 PM  SpaceVPX Advancements  Patrick Collier Aspen Consulting Group
 T13 12:20 PM  OpenVPX Advancements
 Greg Rocco
 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
 T14  12:30 PM  Successful Application of Open Architecture Development
 Mike Hackert
     SOSA Outreach  Valerie Andrew  Elma Electronic Inc.
     Closing Remarks  Jerry Gipper  VITA
   12:45 PM  Lunch in Hotel Restaurant    
   2:00 PM  Sponsor/Media Meetings    
   6:00 PM  Open Evening for dinner/appointments with media    
   8:00 AM  Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration (TSOA-ID) Event at GTRI Conference Center    


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