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My company is NOT a VITA Member

Your company does not have to be a VITA member to purchase published VITA specifications. Select the technology family from the menu to the left or go to the Complete Listing to find the standards you wish to purchase.

Companies that are not VITA members may join VITA, for an annual membership fee, to gain unlimited access to all standards and to participate in the development of new standards.

All standards are only available as Printable Download Format (PDF) downloads or electronic files. You will be able to download immediately after approved purchase. Each PDF is stamped with your company name and transaction number. You may distribute them only within your company.

You may use Mastercard, VISA, American Express, or Discover credit cards or a PayPal account. If an alternate form of payment is preferred, please contact VITA. We strongly suggest credit card payment to get the fastest service.

My Company is a VITA MEMBER

VITA members should login to VITA Workspace to access published standards. Please check VITA Members to see if your company is a member.

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