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VPX Videos

Through Embedded Tech Trends, VITA has developed a playlist of videos discussing VPX technology. To learn more about VPX, check out the topics on the playlist.

VPX Playlist on YouTube

Rugged, Small Form Factor OpenVPX Platform from ELMA Electronic - AUVSI Unmanned Systems August 13, 2012
Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part I: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic
The fundamentals of the VITA 65 open standard are presented.
 November 2017

Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part II: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic.
He e
xplains and shows the definitions of the OpenVPX standard by describing the use of profiles at the slot, module and backplane levels.

 January 2019

Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part III: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic
describes how Apertures are defined and used in the OpenVPX standard.

 January 2019

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