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VPX Videos

Through Embedded Tech Trends, VITA has developed a playlist of videos discussing VPX technology. To learn more about VPX, check out the topics on the playlist.

VPX Playlist on YouTube

Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part I: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic
The fundamentals of the VITA 65 open standard are presented.
 November 2017

Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part II: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic.
He e
xplains and shows the definitions of the OpenVPX standard by describing the use of profiles at the slot, module and backplane levels.

 January 2019

Fundamentals of OpenVPX,  Part III: by Michael Munroe, Elma Electronic
describes how Apertures are defined and used in the OpenVPX standard.

 January 2019

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