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Michael Harris, Military & Aerospace Electronics, September 1, 2018
John Coons, contributing editor, August 28, 2018
Space Marvels and Innovations in Space Systems
Series of articles on VPX, August 2017
VPX standards keep pace with faster fabrics
Bob Sullivan, Curtiss-Wright Controls Electronic Systems , and Ivan Straznicky, Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing, October 12, 2011
Expanding options in VPX connectivity
Gregory Powers, TE Connectivity, October 12, 2011
Radar and sonar applications find a home in CompactPCI and VPX
David Pursley, Kontron, February 16, 2012
VITA 62 brings COTS power supplies to VPX
Patrick Shaw, General Dynamics, Spring 2011
Outpacing VME: OpenVPX fast-tracks technologies to the front lines
Brian Roberts, Dawn VME Products, Spring 2011
VITA 66 expands VPX with fiber-optic connectivity
Gregory Powers, Tyco Electronics, Spring 2011
SSD technology drives OpenVPX storage blades to new levels
Greg Bolstad, Critcal I/O, Spring 2011
Navigating OpenVPX: Developing and Building Systems Using OpenVPX Profiles
Ken Grob, Elma Electronics, November 2010
OpenVPX Simplifies Rugged Design Tasks
William Wong, Electronic Design, December 9, 2010
Understanding OpenVPX: a closer look at interoperability for VPX systems
Justin Moll, Elma Bustronic, October 1, 2010
Using a rapidly evolving ecosystem to develop optimized OpenVPX systems
Thomas Roberts, Mercury Computer Systems, October 2010
The future of rugged COTS: A 30-supplier OpenVPX ecosystem supports VPX-based systems
Vincent Chuffart, Kontron, October 2010
Design Engineer's Guide to OpenVPX
Supplement to Embedded Technology, September 2010
The Quest to Navigate the OpenVPX Standard: VITA 65
Ken Grob, Elma Electronics, September 2010
Open VPX - High Performance Computing for the Rugged Military Marketplace
Tech Briefs, September 28, 2010
Technology Trends with VME Technologies Virtual Conference
ICC Media, September 28, 2010
The Next Steps in OpenVPX Development
ECN Daily, Justin Moll, Elma Bustronic, August 20, 2010
Survey says: VPX is the new VME
August 2010
Shootout At The VPX Corral
Electronic Design, William Wong, July 16, 2010
VITA 60 standardizes a ruggedized alternative for VPX applications
Summer 2010
VPX strides forward with enhanced new specifications
Summer 2010
Case study: OpenVPX systems help deliver UAV program quickly
June 2010
Matching up compatible OpenVPX backplanes and modules
Summer 2010
OpenVPX eases harsh-environment systems integration
Spring 2010
OpenVPX 1.0 in Military Systems
Webcast, February 10, 2010
OpenVPX solves VPX interoperability challenges; plans for future features
January 2010
When high performance really matters in mil-aero: a comparison of ATCA and VPX solutions
January 2010
VPX is at the right place, at the right time, for serious market growth in embedded systems
January 2010
Now THIS is how to craft an interoperability standard
January 2010
VITA Members Form VPX Marketing Alliance
ECN, December 15, 2009
Alliance formed to boost VPX and OpenVPX initiatives
EETimes UK, December 11, 2009
MILCOM 2009 Kicks Off in Boston
Microware Journal Blog, October 19, 2009
OpenVPX Promises VPX Interoperability
William Pilaud, Concurrent Technologies, October 2009
The VPX Standard and Its Use in Military Applications
July 29, 2009

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