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Article: VITA 60 standardizes a ruggedized alternative for VPX applications

Thursday, July 15, 2010 8:00 AM | VITA MarCom (Administrator)

David Dix, Amphenol Backplane Systems

As standardization of high-speed interconnect systems converges with the increased demands of military and aerospace applications, the need for more advanced technology in a ruggedized package has been highlighted. To meet this technology gap, VITA 60 (Alternative Connector on VPX) was launched to define a new interconnect platform consistent with the evolving VITA 46 (VPX) form factor yet designed and tested for more ruggedized environments. VITA 60 is a footprint-compatible alternate connector to VITA 46 with increased stiffness and environmental resistance. VITA 60 offers an option for VPX applications where greater resistance to fretting corrosion, often induced by high levels of vibration, is required. This standardization effort evolved in parallel with the VIPER interconnect system from Amphenol. VIPER is a new VPX-style connector designed from the ground up to serve the mil/aero and industrial ruggedized embedded markets.

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