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Market Application Definitions

The following definitions are used in VITA market research.

Industry Sector Description Company Examples
Civil Aerospace This sector includes electronics within civil aircraft and supporting infrastructure. Application examples include: in-flight entertainment, cockpit/aircraft control, collision avoidance and radar.

Airframe: Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer

Electronics: Rockwell Collins, Panasonic Avionics, Thales Avionics

Industrial Automation

The industrial automation sector consolidates all industrial electronics used in machinery and manufacturing / processing applications. Examples are: car manufacturing, power, chemicals & pharma, electronics, food & beverage, metals processing, pulp & paper, machine tools, packaging machines, semiconductor processing.

Industrial Automation Electronics: Schneider Electric, ABB

Process Automation: Chevron, BASF

Discrete Automation: Applied Materials, Fanuc, Tetra Pak

Communications (Commercial)

The communications sector includes applications where embedded computer boards are used for telecoms and datacoms infrastructure, computer telephony integration (CTI), networking, internet services (e.g. firewall, web server), switching and routing transmission, intelligent networks and VoIP gateways.

This sector does not include sales to industrial, defense, satellite or transportation projects.

Communications: Alcatel-Lucent, Nokia-Siemens Networks, Huawei

Networking: Cisco, ZTE

Gambling/Gaming The gaming sector includes all arcade machines (such as slot machines, grabbers) and electronic game platforms that incorporate an embedded computer board or module. Namco Bandai
Medical The medical sector includes: imaging equipment, diagnostic devices, bedside care devices, therapy, fitness machine, home-healthcare gateways and peripherals, and other medical equipment. GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Boston Scientific

This includes land-, air- and sea-based military applications. Embedded computer boards used in tanks and small land vehicles, aircraft, missile applications (e.g., radar, missile management systems, pilot-alert systems) and submarines (e.g. Sonar, fire control applications, weapons launch, torpedo applications).

This sector does not include sales to civil aerospace projects.

Northrup Grunmman, BAE Systems, Lockheed-Martin
Retail & POS and Digital Signage This includes all kiosk applications, automated teller machines (ATMs) and any other retail related category. Digital signage is defined to be a screen which conveys unsolicited information to two or more people. Digital signs are common in airports, shopping malls and rail stations.

POS/POI: Wincor Nixdorf, NCR, IBM

Digital Signage: Samsung

Railway Electronics used within critical train control, signaling, public safety, infotainment and other infrastructure. Also includes non-critical functionality: ticket machines, barriers. Finmeccanica, Siemens Rail, Bombardier, Alstom
Space All earth-orbiting satellites and ground station electronics. NASA, European Space Agency (ESA), Space-X, Virgin Galactic, AST SpaceMobile, BlackSky, Eutelsat, GhGSat, Hanwha Systems, HawkEye 360, Intellian, Spaceflight
Transportation (other) All other transportation categories, which are not either "civil aerospace" or "railway". Examples include: marine, in-vehicle transportation, or intelligent traffic systems.

Marine: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

In-vehicle Transportation: Scania

Intelligent Traffic Systems: Siemens Traffic Solutions

Other Any other embedded computer board end-user sectors that are not listed above. Examples include: physics/academia, agriculture.  

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