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Articles on VITA Technology

These published articles provide some handy viewpoints about VITA Technology. These views may not represent official VITA viewpoints. External sources are identified for reference and open in a separate window, and VITA assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.


VITA Perspective 2015  Electronic Design
VITA sets optical component specs for 25G boards

At last, some good news; is our industry really ready for this?

VITA 57 (FMC) opens the I/O pipe to FPGAs

DSP propels military digital data recording into high gear

Interview with Ray Alderman (audio)
When half isn't exactly half: 3U vs. 6U VPX
Making COMs rugged enough for harsh applications: VITA 59 opens the door for true standardization
VXS and VPX: Cooling these hot (literally) new architectures in ATRs
VME gaining momentum: VITA's new state-of-the-industry whitepaper reveals strong VME market growth
VITA 49 enhances capabilities and interoperability for transporting SDR data
Introducing the FPGA Mezzanine Card: Emerging VITA 57 (FMC) standard brings modularity to FPGA designs
Revamping MIL-HDBK-217: We’re ready for it
VXS versus VPX: Either -- or both?
VXS gigabit serial technology delivers extreme system performance

VME and its Follow-Ons Solve ELINT Problems

SDR applications: One size does not fit all
Extending the life of VME into the 21st century: A pragmatic view
VPX enables greater performance and connectivity in small form factors
2eSST: Today's VME performance booster
Ex ante gears up to crack down on patent offenders – and eliminate trips to the courtroom
Mezzanine Board Strategies for Communications

Upgrading VME applications with real-time Linux
Power Architecture's evolution provides DSP advantages
Storage for Harsh, Harsher and Harshest Mil Environments

Configurable PMCs put an FPGA to work

From FPDP to VPX: Back-End Management and Processing of Sensor-Derived Data

FPGAs: Are they really worth it?
New VME I/O board features support flexible system architectures
VITA 56 - A fabric-based PMC replacement mezzanine specification
Point-to-Point Serial Interconnects Edge Out Switched Schemes

VITA 46.9: Ensuring mezzanine I/O pinout interoperability for VPX and VPX-REDI
Hybrid VPX backplanes bridge legacy systems
Multicore Processors Energize the VME SBC Realm

Experimental VME backplane databus can move data at 1 gigabit per second

Next-generation DSP applications empowered by latest VME technologies
Selecting a serial interconnect for distributed computing
VMEbus and the military: A marriage made in heaven
Thermal trends for VXS and VPX deployment
An introduction to VPX: VPX extends VME in NextGen mil systems
PowerPC vs. Pentium: Horses for Courses

VME Market Bifurcation: The VXS and VPX Face-Off

VME: Moving from Evolution to Revolution

VMEbus at 25!

VPX and VPX-REDI Standards Coming on Strong

Getting the Most from XMCs

VITA 58: As modular as it gets (interview w/Ray Alderman)
Understanding the Elements of Ruggedization

VITA 48/REDI: Keeping the future cool

The future of VMEbus: In safe hands?
XMCs bring digital video standards to high-performance applications

VXS processor mesh: An ultrahigh-bandwidth configuration
A mesh FPGA architecture to implement adaptive beamforming radar
Tackling challenging airborne mission computing with VPX
VXS processor mesh architecture: powerful, flexible, compatible

VITA 56 - A fabric-based PMC replacement mezzanine specification
VXS melds fabrics and FPGAs
VITA releases VPX test data

Standardizing digital IF data transfer with VITA 49

VITA 31.1: Extending VME via Ethernet switching
Deploying VITA 46 in real-world applications

VITA 42 XMC gains momentum, increases flexibility

Next-generation VME boosts defense and aerospace applications

FPGAs and VITA 41 address mil sensor processing design challenges
Is VXS ready for prime time?
Making the right choice: VME64x, VXS, VITA 46, and VITA 48
VXS undefined Evolutionary open standard with scalable bandwidth
VITA 46 Advanced Module Format - The future standard for military VME
2eSST VME Eases Design of Network-Centric Embedded Systems

VXS is like the battery in that bunny

Leveraging PICMG 2.16 packet switching in VME64x Systems

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