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Article: OpenVPX solves VPX interoperability challenges; plans for future features

Friday, January 15, 2010 8:00 AM | VITA MarCom (Administrator)

Chris Cuifo, OpenSystems Media

OpenVPX takes the best parts of VPX – namely the vast number of available I/O pins and high-speed serial fabrics – while limiting permutations to various system profiles. Also, incorporating the equivalent of control, data, and management planes improves system maintainability while forcing vendors to stick to preconfigured I/O routing. Together, these constraints enable interoperability between vendors within the same backplane. Boards and modules fit together in predictable ways, much like the toy building blocks shown on the cover of this Special Supplement on OpenVPX with Executive Speakouts. But OpenVPX systems are not toys; they’ll soon form the basis of next-gen high-rel systems with ample features and headroom for decades to come.

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